Walkley Heights

Walkley Heights Statistics:

Size:1.6km2 Approx
Population3,226 Approx
Median house Price:$47,000 Approx
Median Age:34 Years Old Approx
Household Size:2.7 People Approx

About Walkley Heights:
Walkley Heights is a modern residential subdivision 15 km north of Adelaide. The suburb is located on land formerly comprising the prison farm for Yatala Labour Prison, and includes fifty-five hectares of land formerly owned by R.M Williams which was compulsorily acquired during the time of former State Premier Sir Thomas Playford. The suburb (and one adjacent main road) is named after John Walkley, an early pioneer in South Australia.

The suburb had a population, in 2001, of only 713 increasing to 3,224 by 2006.

Being a recently created sub-division, homes in Walkley Heights are entirely modern, post 1995 built properties, which feature the now popular open plan living spaces coupled with either contemporary or Victorian reproduction façades.

A small shopping centre at the end of Homestead Avenue has a Foodland supermarket, a pizza shop, a bakery, a Salvation Army opportunity shop, a beauty salon and a doctor’s surgery along with a childcare centre and kindergarten.

The suburb occupies 1.5 square kilometres of land either side of the Dry Creek linear park which features mature river red gums, recent landscaped plantings, and the remains of an old stockman’s hut. Within the linear park is the Walkley Heights reserve where mallee box grassy woodland is actively being conserved under the Urban forest biodiversity program.